Desiccare, Inc. manufactures a full line of Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) which allows a low cost method of indicating humidity conditions for various types of barrier packaging, including MIL Spec (MIL-I-8835) applications. The 30%, 40%, 50% HIC cards complies with MS 20003-2. The 60% card complies with JEDEC Standard 033D. Cobalt dichloride free and cobalt free options that meet EU Reach requirements are available - Contact Us for information.

Moisture is the worst thing that can affect electronics – it can damage the way they function or lead to irreversible glitches in electronic components. Moisture also leads to other problems such as rust and accumulation of dust, which can affect the performance of electronic items.

While the problem is serious, the solution is rather simple: placing a desiccant with your electronics will protect your products against moisture. There are some crucial electronic items that are vulnerable to moisture. Keeping electronic items away from humidity and moisture can help increase their life span. Use Desiccare’s humidity indicating cards to accurately quantify relative humidity levels and help protect your products against moisture problems.



Indicate humidity conditions in various types of barrier packaging
Can be used in conjunction with a desiccant for full effect
Instant visual verification of product integrity
Approved for MIL–I–8835 applications
Low cost
Easy to use (spots turn from blue to pink to indicate humidity levels)


Electronic Components
Automotive Electronics
Computer Hardware
Consumer Electronics
Electronic Displays
Industrial Electronics
Medical Electronics
Military and Aerospace Electronics

Desiccare provides shorter lead times with our quality in manufacturing—we have efficiently shortened our lead time to 3-4 weeks which is typically shorter than most desiccant suppliers.


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