Oxygen is essential to life for every living thing on our planet, however in certain situations; it can do more harm than good. When oxygen will cause food, metal or other items to deteriorate, oxygen absorbers provide a valuable solution. Oxygen absorbers help to prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria, mold and mildew.

O-Buster® blend of absorbents will be anywhere from 15cc to 3000cc of oxygen, thereby safeguarding products from undesirable effects such as color and/or taste change. O-Buster® reduce the need for additives, gas flushing and vacuum packing which creates a tremendous cost savings to our customers that can be passed along to their own customers or the end user.



  • FDA-approved

  • Extend shelf life

  • Increase the value of product

  • Environmentally safe & easy to use

  • Delay browning of fruits and vegetables

  • Retain flavor of ingredients and freshness in foods

  • Inhibit the formation of bacteria growth, mold & mildew


  • Baked Goods

  • Rice, grain, noodles, pasta, seeds, pet foods, & nuts

  • Dried fruits & vegetables

  • Spices, seasonings & herbs

  • Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

  • Processed & dried meats

  • Pharmaceuticals & vitamins

  • Diagnostic Kits & devices



Desiccare provides shorter lead times with our quality in manufacturing—we have efficiently shortened our lead time to 3-4 weeks which is typically shorter than most desiccant suppliers.

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